I’m Jennifer – the face behind Cupcakes & Curriculum 😉  I started C&C back in 2012, right after I graduated from college with my teaching degree.  Since then, I have taught 4th grade, 2 years of 3rd grade, and 2 years of 1st grade!  My heart belongs with my firsties – they are so much fun, so I hope I am able to stay in this grade level for many years to come!

I married my best friend in 2015.  In the first year of our marriage, we not only bought our first house but we also had our handsome little man who is my entire world.  I am also blessed with two *bonus* kids that I love so much!  When I am not teaching, I’m with my family and friends, or cheering on my fav Chicago sports teams.











I am the type of person that needs to wake up every day knowing for certain that what I am doing matters.  Teaching has given me that fulfillment.  The days are long and they are challenging.  I often have to remind myself to take a step back, and just look at their sweet faces looking back at me.  Whenever I start to question if what I am doing makes a difference, it’s like the universe knows to give me a sign… for real, guys.  Whether it is a sweet note left on my desk from a student telling me she loves me, or a parent writing an appreciative email, or running into former students at the grocery store… those moments keep me going through the hard days that I know we all have as teachers.  We may not make a ton of money, but we sure as heck make a difference – don’t forget that!



Blogging and creating resources for other teachers has made my hypothetical ‘fulfillment cup’ overflow.  I love to be creative, and the fact that my creativity is reaching not just the kids in my own class, but thousands of other kids all over the world -?!  C’mon… all the feels.  It is so rewarding.  Any resource that I create for you or any blog post that I write will have one of the following purposes – to engage your students, to help you stay organized, or to help you work smarter.  <— that sums up why I do what I do.

I’d love to connect with you, so feel free to send me a message to introduce yourself!


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